Microblading Training Course

Bowler Esthetics Basic Microblading Training Course is designed for beginners. It is a 3 full day course that is filled with in depth theory and hands on experience. You will be able to watch me perform microblading on 2 models, as well as perform on 3 yourself! By the time you leave this training, you will have acquired all the knowledge and skill you will need in order to be a successful microblading artist.  The training is $2,800 and includes a kit to do 50 clients. I train in Utah and San Diego. If interested in training in Utah, you must be a Master Esthetician!  For further inquires, please contact me at 435-669-6837.


Training Course

Online training coming January 2018!!!! There will be a monthly subscription to online video access, and exclusive webinars. Stay tuned!!


Shadow Day

Come join me for an all day shadow day! This is for trained microblading artists. I will preform microblading on 3 clients while you observe and ask any questions! I will explain my technique as we go, as well as help you with your technique on fake skin. This one day shadowing experience is $1000, and includes Precis Brows blades as well as one pigment of your choice.